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  • Brian E. Vencalek, Stephanie N. Laughton, Sonia M. Rodrigues, Jason M. Unrine, Gregory V. Lowry, Kelvin B. Gregory. (2016) Rapid Dissolution of Agriculturally Relevant Cu-based Engineered Nanomaterials at Low Concentrations Suggests Short Nanoparticle Lifetimes in Receiving Waters. Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett. 3 (10), pp 375–380. 10.1021/acs.estlett.6b00252 (Full Article)
  • Xiaoyu Gao, Eleanor Spielman-Sun, Sonia M. Rodrigues and Gregory V. Lowry. Time and nanoparticle concentration affects the extractability of Cu from CuO-NP amended soil. Environ. Sci. technol. 51, 2226−2234.  10.1021/acs.est.6b04705 (Full Article)
  • Sekine, Ryo, Marzouk, Ezzat, Khaksar, Maryam, Scheckel, Kirk G., Stegemeier, John P, Lowry, Gregory, Donner, Erica, Lombi, Enzo.  (2017). Ageing of dissolved copper and copper-based nanoparticles in five different soils: short term kinetics vs long term fate. J. Env. Qual. (in press).
  • Sónia M. Rodrigues, Phil Demokritou, Nick Dokoozlian, Christine Ogilvie Hendren, Barbara Karn, Meagan Mauter, Omowunmi A. Sadik, Maximilian Safarpour, Jason Unrine, Josh Viers, Paul Welle, Jason C. White, Mark R. Wiesner, Gregory V. Lowry.  (2017). Nanotechnology for Sustainable Food Production: High value opportunities and scientific challenges.  ES Nano 2017, 4, 767-781.  10.1039/C6EN00573J. (Full Article)



  • Gregory V. Lowry and Sonia Rodrigues, (2016) Nanotechnology-based Technologies for Sustainable Food Production. Presented at the 11th ICEENN 2016 in Golden, Co.
  • Gregory V. Lowry, Xiaoyu Gao, Eleanor Spielman-Sun, Sonia Rodrigues (2016). Testing the effect of aging and dissolution on the extractability of Cu from CuO-NPs amended soil to assess lability and fate in soils. Presented at the 11th ICEENN 2016 in Golden, Co.
  • Jieran Li, Jason Unrine, Ryan Tappero, Alvin Acerbo (2016). Uptake, subcellular distribution, and translocation of differentially charged CeO2 nanomaterials in Solanum lycopersicum cv Micro-Tom (tomato). 11th ICEENN. Golden, CO.
  • Neves, J. , Cardoso D.N. , Malheiro, C. , Soares A.M.V.M. , Wrona, F. , Loureiro S (2016). Copper toxicity in Collembolan: a comparison between nano and non-nano agrochemicals. Second Nanosafety Forum for Young Scientists, Visby, Gotland, Sweden.


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