NanoFARM researchers collaborate to measure in situ dissolution rates for Cu-based fungicides in wetland mesocosm

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon, University of Kentucky, and Aveiro University show that Cu(OH)2 and CuO NPs dissolve in a freshwater wetland mesocosm is a few days to a week.  This provides insight into the time scale for selected fate processes to occur prior to their ocmplete dissolution, e.g. heteroaggregation and settling into the sediment layer.

You can read the full article here

NanoFARM kicks off in Portugal

On June 6th, researchers from all four universities collaborating on NanoFARM research gathered in Aveiro, Portugal. We were also joined by two researchers from NanoFASE. We did a lot of talking about about nano-enabled materials and sustainable agriculture as we worked to coordinate our research across various research centers.

Watch this space for more updates from the NanoFARM team as we continue on in our research!