Approach & Activities


Proposed work packages and their integration. The block in the lower left of the figure shows the lead and participating institutions for each work package. WP 7 "Characterization of NMNs in soil, soil pore water, and tissue led by UNIVIE is not shown in the diagram. (Click image above for full size chart)


Proposed materials and organisms for NanoFARM that allows for thorough assessment of toxicity, bioavailability and bioaccumulation, and trophic transfer in a tractable way. (Click image above for full size chart)

Integrated research tasks are used to determine the MNM properties that most affect their fate and effects in agriculture soils. Coordinated studies use the same well-characterized soils and nanoparticles,and soil extraction procedures to provide consistent and comparable datasets.  The developed extraction procedures for will serve as the basis for OECD test guidelines for MNMs used asagrochemicals.